may as well be gay

  1. yakstan

    I cheated on my “gay porn” diet and worry of giving into temptation is getting worse.

    I apologize for starting a new thread this quick after starting my first one, but it was really just a copy and paste of a draft I had in my Notes app for a few weeks now and I realized that if I want adequate responses I should rather talk about the now instead of the then. If you haven’t read...
  2. yakstan

    I’ve been getting off looking at men rather than women purely just because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

    I’m new here so I don’t really know how to word this. Sorry if I ramble. I literally cannot look at women without getting a feeling a mixed anger, sadness, and jealously. Part of me wants to be them (I’m not trans, but you know what I mean) and part of me just wants to just.. loose it. I cant...
  3. fuckyougenetics

    why i've given up

    i've spent fucking years trying to get an ounce of love, just one ounce. when i kinda got it after loads of simping sometime last year (keep in mind i dated someone with shockingly low standards) it wasn't rewarding as i knew this relationship would all come crashing down due to my genetic and...