1. T


    I’m tired of having to put on these masks, even when no other customer is in the store besides me because of this supposedly “dangerous” and “lethal” virus. It’s literally 11:00pm no one in the store no crowd or anything, no reason to put on a mask or let alone stand 6 inches from...
  2. Lordgoro

    Well brothers, I think im DONE with escorts for a LONG TIME! The world is too damned crazy!

    Between the insanity of sky high prices on everything in america, the total devaluation of the american dollar, shut-downs, this pandemic, the MASK crap, americans paranoid, and the outrageous DEMANDS of any new escorts I have tried to contact, I think at this point im done dealing with them...
  3. T

    Can you believe this bullshit article?

    Just another article to bash and chastise men. This was written by a simp as well. Look at the reason he came up with for men not wearing masks. It never occurred to him that men think for themselves and know this virus is a joke. The men are not afraid of death, we are at peace with it. A virus...