1. Letmego


    I don't remember how old I was but i know it was long time ago when I read it. I don't remember much, mainly there's a family of cannibals, they think that they need to eat human meat to survive. No parents, just younger and older siblings, it's really fucked up, a lot of incest going on. Plus...
  2. Letmego

    What happened to manga culture

    What the fuck is this!?!?!? Whenever i open some manga site or app i always see fucking faggot shit on the first page. Why, what happened to good mangas!?!?!? All i see these days are romance and faggot mangas. Who even reads shit like this??? I suspect it's holes ruining something good and...
  3. Letmego

    Did anyone read based manga called Lookism

    I really liked the story, it's about an overweight lonely incel guy, he is bullied because of his looks and wants to change that. I don't remember how but he gets a new model like body so he can experience chad life. He was a nice guy when he was fat and is nice with his attractive body but the...