1. unfixable

    I would do almost anything for a woman (no kidding)

    If an omnipotent being offered me a loyal virgin girl that was in love with me, I would do ANYTHING to have that person in my life, I would move heaven and earth, I would go to war 100 times, I would suffer as much as I had to suffer, I would fight and kill any kind of beast and eat its raw...
  2. Oogabooga

    All right, this is it motherfuckers

    Hand over them love points so I can get the reward or I’ll do it, I swear I’ll rope! My death will be on your hands, you fucks!
  3. Z

    An incel can fall in love with me?

    I'm sorry, if it's not where I should be, what I understood and what they talked to me about, they don't accept women here, but I need your help to understand this, please. A month or two ago, stable conversation with someone, who seemed super nice, I liked him, and I started to like him a lot...
  4. L


  5. evilweezil


    I don’t really know what I’m doing here. Hey, I’m a female. I’m not a incel yet I am a virgin who’s never done anything. I possibly could but I just don’t want to until I find the right person. I’m only here to learn more about the community and understand your views in society and of the such...
  6. I

    Have you tried bathing? Making sure your hygienic at all times

    In my opinion the way you smell makes a big difference in being attractive. I personally don’t care how good looking a guy is or how rich he is if he smells bad I wouldn’t want to kiss him or make love to him because I’ll be distracted by his horrible scent. Smelling good is top priority. Just...