1. Lanklet

    Best Jobs for an Incel (wage slaves gtfih)

    I’m having difficulty determining where my first job should be. I am feeling rather repelled from pursuing something deemed a “wage slave” job where I’d only make minimum wage slaving away, but I feel as though I am left with no other options. I want to get some money so I can better attempt to...
  2. TheRiddler

    Incel test: Are you a truecel or a mentalcel?

    https://vstrong30.wordpress.com/2018/08/23/secret-to-good-looks-the-mandible/ Truecels consist of a recessed chin + vertical growth cheekbone + vertical jawline structure. Incel test: Take a sideview shot, then compare to the negative structures. If you have all and your nose is big than you...
  3. Letmego

    Did anyone read based manga called Lookism

    I really liked the story, it's about an overweight lonely incel guy, he is bullied because of his looks and wants to change that. I don't remember how but he gets a new model like body so he can experience chad life. He was a nice guy when he was fat and is nice with his attractive body but the...
  4. Tigole

    You need to statusmax, but it won't work without looks

    If people have a bad reaction to your face before you've said a word, or you're treated badly out of nowhere, ofc you aren't going to have an easy time statusmaxing. Plus not having good experience and opportunities because of looks, on top of a bad history (of being known as low status) make it...