1. Wristlet_2

    "For men, looks may matter in hookups, but not relationships." - ITer foid JFL

    :honk: :honk: :honk: "just betabux bro"
  2. TournelHenry

    A scene from a fictional Crime TV show that demo

    This Video Snippet is from Season 2, Episode 9 of a fiction Crime TV show, "Criminal Minds". It shows a woman admitting to showing attention to a man who simply wanted to ask a simple favour because "He was handsome". When the FBI agent asks "Was he handsome?", she responds "Yeah. He was...
  3. J

    What do you want from a relationship? Perfect girl?

    BACKGROUND: I am a young female who was interested in learning more about incels and I have looked at posts and forums about them for a very long time because I used to feel and have certain opinions that incels did. I am not attractive and it lead me down this path of self-hatred and other...
  4. Synchasy

    Treating girls based on looks

    Hello there, don’t mind me. I simply wanna know how the male mind works. I guess this is a great way to reach people (in this case men) who actually take this serious. I got two different scenarios for you. Please don’t make it complicated. :) Scenario A: A good-looking girl you’re attracted...