1. Tupolev

    Initiate Sequence Lonely - Seven+ Billion Bags of Bones.

    How could it be that in a world of over seven billion people, we could feel so isolated, alienated, and alone? I can't count the times I've had encounters with females my age, wherein they could've pulled me out of my isolation chamber and helped me. But...they never did. It seems that millions...
  2. Digital_Prince

    Does anyone want to be friends?

    I really have trouble making friends in the real world, and I was hoping the guys here could maybe talk to me about their special interests or maybe get me into a new video game or something? I'm pretty desperate for human interaction and I feel like I put people off just by existing, but I was...
  3. jhanarth_chant

    Any single woman here????

    Any age or ethnicity. Idc if you're a beached whale or a skinny queen I love you all and need someone in my life. Pls message me on snapchat: jhanarth
  4. monkTorture

    Prose from 1--> incel 2--> nofap 3--> asexual ???

    I would have found that title terrifying a long time ago. The pain, the agony of a lifetime of morbid loneliness. On my path through desolation i am slowly mutating into un-unexpected or should i say expected forms. I am adopting new coping mechanisms. The fatigue, the torment of an incel soul...
  5. C

    Is there a incel.net discord server?

    Just wanted to know
  6. InCel_51

    An Introduction.

    Hello everyone. I found Incels.net earlier this afternoon, read through some of the forum posts and I registered so I can post some of my thoughts and comments. I wish I would have read the thread on ‘How to spot a troll’ before I chose my screen name. But what’s done is done. I am not a troll...
  7. S

    Good sad incel songs?

    I feel so fuсking pathetic I just wanna die right now. I just saw a stacy with an ugly dude right now and it made me realize how fucked I am so i wanna know if anyone has any sad go to songs they listen to when they feel shitty and worthless and unwanted. My favorite song is called "Dust" by...