1. Hidden

    [Vent] Loneliness has made me a terrible person.

    Nowadays I am angry, bitter and jealous most of the day. I used to think of myself as a good person, but not anymore. And quite frankly I don't give a ѕhit if people think I'm hateful. People are so awful these days, normies don't care about you if you are not beneficial to them, they always try...
  2. supercell

    male privilege debunked (IT will never touch this)

    if males have privilege why are over 70% of suіcіdes men? if males have privilege why are 92% of workplace fatalities men? https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/how-come-nobody-talks-about-the-gender-workplace-death-gap/ if males have privilege why is there a male loneliness epidemic? if...
  3. K

    im going to college at 28 , this is my last chance to get a wife for my childrens

    hi everybody , i was a virgin up until 27 yo - did it with an escort so i guess technically im still am kind of a " virgin" , anyway - many years i was a very lonely man , like im mean realy realy lonely guy ...i had no friends but my cousin and he is an incel like me so its not like if...
  4. Oogabooga

    Anyone Else feel Less Attraction After being black pilled?

    Basically, I feel much less attracted to foids after the black pill. This isn’t to say I don't at all, because that would just be cope, but rather, flaws in foids ( and to a lesser extent, men) pop out to me more than ever. I think this is a combination of the black pill, as well as the fact...
  5. OVERbite


    Anyone have thoughts on dogmaxxing? No it’s not what it seems, just that when you have been so lonely and so deprived of any physical contact and companionship for so long due to your ugliness, owning a dog may be a decent cope, because the dog may keep you company and will like you. Also...