1. Spice

    Based Blacks beat a foid brutally (Lifefuel) + Another video of a foid punched This is just great lmaooo, foids get what they deserve which if they want to chat shit they will get what's coming to them Also this...
  2. Oogabooga

    Uhm, hello, based department?

    @Thanatos shame on you for not being more proud of your race when you’ve given us absolute gems of human beings like this man! You need to black pill more of your brethren, imagine what they could accomplish together.
  3. EdgarTheDog64

    Teen Chadlites prank curry, they end up dead instead
  4. Oogabooga

    Seeing this makes me wanna gymmaxx till I can't anymore

    This is wondrous lifefuel for me for a couple reasons: 1. ITcucks always hit us with the "fat, virgin ugly neckbeard" when this guy clearly isn't (looksmaxxer faggot, but my point stands) 2. I'm right around his size, maybe even stronger (though he likely mogs me now if he kept lifting the...
  5. R

    If you had a cock carousel riding slut that had been with 100+ men and you could smash against her will, how would you seek revenge?

    I'm curious to know what some of the most blackpilled of us would be capable of doing. I'm a small, beta-man, ex blue-pilled sub 5 that basically has cucked mentality engraved in his brain, so even with a despicable woman as such, I sadly think I would be shy, submissive and treat her nicely. It...
  6. Oogabooga

    We are the true Feminists

    We should have a thread where we post videos and articles of feminism in action so that the normies understand that we‘re actually on their side. A thread where we see KQWUEENZ enjoying the luxuries and equality that feminism has earned them, a thread where we celebrate women as our equals. I’ll...