1. Dieverge

    How do you deal with being Incel

    The past year I been finding other pleasures in life that dont involve female attention. im buying a motorcycle , im hoping to indulge in freedom of being my own man. share with me brethren where have your journey's taken you up to this point. In this life you must have happiness right?
  2. JoBuyscars

    My life is pain and misery and I can never be happy

    Once again I’m sitting here alone in my room crying. Living is misery. Every time I try to succeed at something it always ends in failure. I have always been alone. No one wants me. What is the point of living if your like is like this. no happiness, just pain misery. and depression. There is...
  3. Tupolev

    Dereliction of men, and Kobe Bryant's passing.

    I woke up this morning to the horrific news that a helicopter had crashed in southern California, and that among the deceased, was a sports superstar...Kobe Bryant. My first reaction was probably the same reaction that many people had. I thought it was tragic, and even though i'm not a fan of...
  4. L

    High School Life

    People who are currently in HS, how much do you hear about people not being virgins ? For me, I hate myself all the time for letting the feeling of loneliness get to me and failing to fix the issues that I had throughout my whole life. I always here about chads talking about their body count...