1. Uncommon

    The terms that the left wing use and what they actually mean...

    feminiѕt agenda = anti-male agenda(to show femoids always as the "good ones" and men as the "evil ones", like in the movie frozen or the movie "birds of prey"). Lgbt agenda = to turn every heterosexual character into a homosexual/lesbian/transexual(like the character ice man of the...
  2. Uncommon

    I really miss the cartoons of the past...before the jews, the SJWs, the antifa, the feminazis and the lgbt ruined them...

    In the present, all the cartoons are full of anti-male agenda, full of white raсe replacement agenda, full of lgbt agenda and full of feminazi agenda... Before the jews ruined the cartoons with their anti-male agenda and their white raсe replacement agenda... before the social justice...
  3. Uncommon

    I miss the old star wars

    I miss when like 20 years in the past star wars was about fun and adventure, like in this old star wars videogame: But now, because the fault of the ones who rule the world: because of their fault, now star wars its only about anti-white raсe and anti-male.
  4. Uncommon

    The future of the female sports...

    In those 2 videos you can see what its happening in the female sports: And you can thank it to the "political correct" agenda of the jews, the SJWs, the lgbt and the feminazis. Your opinion?
  5. Oogabooga

    Cuckqueers Get absolutely triggered when we include ourselves in the LGBT

    I’m not sure why exactly it is, but based on my time in the older days when Braincels was around, and in the panic after it got shut down and new subs were popping up, the average plebbitor starts screeching autistically whenever we say we’re LGBT. I remember there was a sub called r/lgbtcels...
  6. wispyola

    why do sl*ts come here?

    sl*ts fаggots and trannys come on our servers expecting attention. what is the point the fаggots and trannys have a month of attention and sl*ts get endless amounts of attention from undesrible males and chads