lets talk

  1. B

    Literally just here to learn

    I’m obviously bluepilled but I just wanna listen to your guys side of the story. Tell me about how your life is being an incel, your opinions on anything controversial I don’t really care what. Literally just here to listen. Also I have a poll if anyone wants to contribute on whether incels...
  2. Spice

    What is your favourite drug?

    I ask this question because i know there are some few junkiecels there. My personal fav are stimulants and hallucinogen class some downers are pretty good too like opiods or benzos.Just something to escape this shitty reality works.
  3. toxicpresident

    cancerous lgbt community

    lgbt is fucking cancer to society . they are mentally challenged and pedophiles . bunch of freaks dancing naked in street . what are your opinions on them ? if you had power to kill them all would you ? for me yes
  4. Cambion

    Im new and i wanna talk to someone

    Hey i have heard about incels and have had ideas like red/blackpill ideas and i kinda wanna talk to someone about there ideals concerning to life and dating and stuff. I find it super interesting to talk to people about this and i kinda wanna talk to someone about this in particular. if anyone...