1. Retrogamecel

    Lesbians don’t actually exist [truthpill]

    Lesbians don’t exist and that is because the act of sex cannot exist without a man. You see biologically and legally speaking for real sexual intercourse to take place there must be penetration for intercourse to take place. When lesbians “have sex” and they rub clits it is not legally fucking...
  2. Spice

    Lesbians are whores who hurt weaker males like us.

    Ok so u seen me arguing on that whore's post but here is my point Lesbians are wannabe chads basically which means its like a chad stuck inside a females body. Lesbians love to degrade on weaker males because their mentality is full of ignorance, they think they alpha just because they get some...
  3. Spice

    Insulted by a fаggot normie and a lesbian

    I was getting harrased today for being a incel by a fucking lesbian slut and a gay fаg. They were saying shit like me being a social reject and many other things here : He is calling me gay yet he admitted to sucking dicks and he is also an oribiter and a simp The lesbian on the other hand is...
  4. Spice

    Bullied by chads and some fuсking hoe

    Hello Incels i wanna discuss something that really made me mad so basically i had a arguement with this fucking chad(aka the whiteknight) and this hoe called Kay which implies this hoe is very insane so basically these people were spamming their website called www.hablush.com DISCLAIMER: I do...