1. B

    Why even keep fighting?

    We will always be outnumbered in any scenario, Just go outside or look in the comments of a feminist post on Instagram. Women will always their degeneracy up and support themselves along with their army of simps/cucks. Everyday I am bullied. I was bullied since young. Even when quarantine was...
  2. AccountError

    What level of LDAR are you on?

    As the title and poll said
  3. Augustan Isidor

    [NSFW] Your oneitis right now while you lay down and rot

    There's only one answER, to such injustice
  4. Saint Chincel

    no frens

    New years day and I'm alone in my room smoking cigarettes as I do everyday what I would give to have a girlfriend and some friends to hang out with I was in the shop today and a blonde foid was talking to the foid behind the counter for about five minutes whilst there's a whole cue of people...
  5. C

    Anger, I want revenge

    I’m so mad, I can barely even type this. I thought I finally found a girl, no a cretin, to finally ascend with, but SHE TRICKED ME! But of course what do you get when all of them are fucked by Chads. It was a girl that i had a fair amount of feelings for and i thought that she liked me back...