1. Uncommon

    The lbgt are hypocrites

    In this video, taken in the country of Chile, a man disguised himself as a nazi(he is not a nazi, he only disguised himself as a one in a social experiment to see the reactions of the people around) in a parade for "equality" and "respect" mostly full of lbgt members...and the "nazi" started...
  2. Uncommon

    I have noticed that jews are, sort of, the same scum as the nazis

    The jews always claim to hate the nazis, and the jews, being the owners of the media, always portray the nazis as the worst scum in the world. But, how different are the jews form the nazis? looks like not much. 1. The nazis used to claim to be "the chosen race"(arian race), and the jews claim...
  3. Uncommon

    Whats your opinion about the lbgt?

    I think the lbgt are no more than mental ill humans. They only talk about what favors them(like their parades) but never talk about what does not favors them(jeffrey dahmer, aileen carol wuornos, john wayne gacy, etc.). They claim to want equality but they only want privileges(like the...