1. Oogabooga

    I’m starting to hate simps even more than women

    The comments are the standard “give me one minute with that guy” “coward” “I’d break every bone in his body”. You know for a fact no one would say the same if it was an equally weak man being attacked, their retаrded chivalry is not only outdated, but I dare say destructive to society given how...
  2. Oogabooga

    Do you guys wanna play guess the user?

    A lot of members here have distinct typing styles and preferred subject matter so I wanted to see if I could imitate some. (I’m not doing this to make fun of anyone, just for keks). Cel 1: Fuck, it’s insane to think that soyciety and cucks treat us like trash when they’re the lowest common...
  3. Oogabooga

    I dreamt ER tried to rаpe me

    He kept trying to force a kiss on me, and I kept telling him "dude, no, I don't want to, I know you're desperate, but fаggotry isn't the way". I think it was ER from another universe in which he was gay. Kek.
  4. Oogabooga

    Would you guys fight this girl for $500?

    I thought it was gonna be some soy nonsense, but I scrolled to the comments and was immediately pleased to see the superior gender basking in our glory. Honestly, at 100lbs, even the smaller cels wouldn’t have a hard time taking her. Thoughts?
  5. Oogabooga

    (NSFW) Holy KEK, they found Dooramii's hentai account I'm 99% certain it's her, somebody needs to archive evrything. Tbh, @GameDevCel , she definitely mogs your art. I mean, just look at all this SOUL
  6. Oogabooga

    Why are all memes and "humor" by cucks so wordy?

    Literally any time I see an attempt at humor by pink haired trannies or Cucktears, they have to use a MASSIVE wall of text to get their "point" across. And when they don't, like in the case of that Dooramii retаrd, the shorter ѕhit is still unfunny and the art is utterly retаrded and gay. But...
  7. Oogabooga

    Anyone under the age of 25 is a CHILD and shoudln’t be sexualized The quiz is just inkwell propaganda
  8. Oogabooga

    I was searching up how fast dogs can run and then

    The first autofill result was a brutal pill, the dogpill might actually be the most real pill
  9. Oogabooga

    It Finally Happend

  10. Oogabooga

    My take on the IT femoid (SFW)

    Didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped and I made a lot of mistakes but I think I got the point across.
  11. Oogabooga

    Chad Wallstreet cel mogs me

    JFL @FastBananaCEO
  12. Oogabooga

    Holy ѕhit, recent events had me curious so I looked on soycial media...

    I looked up foids and other negroids I once knew, and the ABSOLUTE state of ѕhit on there is top kek, I don’t really use it so I wasnt sure what I was walking into. That suit has spread to 4chan so I went to see what was going on Twitter and it was top kek. I also learned that the wh*re I once...
  13. Oogabooga

    Fuck simps

    This retаrded ass wh*re was making fun of that video with the short cop getting hate from another roastie, and this fаggot in the comments is literally the meme personified. I tried spouting truth, but it went unheard on deaf ears
  14. Oogabooga

    (Gigabased) man forces foid to pick up dogshit

    Best she’ll think twice before swallowing her dog’s cum again.
  15. Oogabooga

    Flat women with no curves are not real women

    If her chest doesn’t look like that If her ass isn’t that toned And she has an ugly goblin nose unlike the angelic features above Then shes’s not a real woman. I’m sorry ladies femoids, but are y‘all telling me that y’all want us to settle with some flat girl whose nasal passage makes her...
  16. pussyslayer 649

    Incel dating server

    I went to the incel dating server and there were a few things that were happening there, very few guys and girls were talking to each(an incel dating server, lol) the server is deleted and majority of he people from the server have entered a new server called femcel paradise, that place is full...
  17. Oogabooga

    An overdose of cuckoldry ITcel made a fuсking school presentation on us, it’s beyond pathetic. The absolute state of ITcels
  18. Oogabooga

    (KEEEEEEK) Gigachad who used to make clickbait mogging videos of manlets goes mad, cries about “tucking 3 girls daily”

    Theres like 4 other videos he upleaded where he‘s seemingly gone mad in The past 24 hours. I don’t pity the fucker whatsoever, he made dozens of videos just shitting on manlet’s and incels, and now that’s he’s Norwoodint and past his prime, he wants sympathy? He’s sad because he used to “fuck 3...
  19. Oogabooga

    I think I just overdosed on soy These are lethal levels never seen before. @Hidden hit me up with some soy free oxygen, I might die otherwise.
  20. Oogabooga

    [Serious] Would you help a foid who’s being assaulted?

    Pic unrelated