1. DarkMTS_57

    Corona-chan UPDATE: 135000 Infected

    At this point... FUCK THE DRIVING LICENSE!!! I WILL REMAIN A POWERFUL NEET FOR THIS ENTIRE DECADE AT LEAST!!!! Now this right here, is the deadliest Karma EVER. All those years of suffering will now befall on those normie bastards. I will rejoice, and live my life to the fullest by playing my...
  2. Oogabooga

    We Should Revive the Coliseum

    Completely retarded and out of the blue idea, but I was thinking how great it would be to go back to the Roman times, where we could challenge Chad to a fight to the death, where the victor gets the spoils. I know that many Chads are athletic, but with everything on the line, I imagine incels...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    Natural Selection done the right way!

    I hope many privileged assholes chosen by genetics get hit with the WuuuuUUUUU FLoooOOOOO!!!! on a GLOBAL LEVEL!!!! They don´t even have to wait to get a deadly STD/HIV resistant to antibiotics. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! The Chinese are geniuses.