1. Uncommon

    Incel movies vs feminazi movies

    When the movie joker came out, everyone(mostly the feminists, the social justice warriors and the lgbt) was talking shit about the movie. Yet the main character is like us: a man without luck, that nobody helps, nobody cares about him and the society keeps telling to him tells to him "you are a...
  2. EdgarTheDog64

    [Poll] It's time for the moment of truth

    Did you pay to watch Joker (2019)? This is a judgement free zone. Not trying to spark any arguments.
  3. Uncommon

    what was in your opinion the 2019 joker?

    cesar romero - the clown jack nicholson - the gangster heath ledger - the anarchist jared leto - the psychopath joaquin phoenix - ??? in your opinion, which joker was joaquin phoenix?
  4. Oogabooga

    “Ohhh, why is everyone so upset about this girl? If it was me dying from loneliness, you’d walk right over me!”

    IT’s response to the autistic Stacy roping. But of course, her life has more value than ours. Heh. Hahaha. Ha.
  5. Oogabooga

    Something I really liked about Joker

    I loved how he didn’t even believe in anything. There was no religion, no ideology or philosophy, just the man. There were people out rioting in the streets after the 3 Wall Street guys died, claiming him as a symbol, but that wasn’t his point in the first place. He knew there was significant...
  6. Oogabooga

    Women are more “empathetic”, depressing anecdotal black pill (long)

    I genuinely believe that the average hundredth is far more evil than most of us could ever actually be, and part of it is because they don’t get punished. I know that many guys here have gotten bullied by them, and haven’t been able to retaliate whatsoever. TLDR at bottom. As an example, when I...
  7. AdamKadmon

    What if we orcrestrated a damsel and distress situation?

    Ok so you wear a mask and pay some homeless dudes an advanced payment to attempt to rape a foid, then when she is just about to give up hope. You swoop in, with a gun(lmao theyll kill your ass if you show up without one) and youll live happily ever after. Its full proof guys
  8. Saint Chincel

    my sister makes 600 pound a week for some climate change job

    My sis who's 21 makes 600 week for some bullshit climate change job went to university I didn't and she told me she basically sits on her ass all day and one day a week she can work from home on her laptop and she gets 1 hour break even though all her work she does whilst sitting when i was...
  9. Uncommon

    Comparing men with mental disabilities vs femoids with mental disabilities...the society its feminazi

    Its a double standard, the society treats men with mental disabilities like garbage but femoids with mental disabilities can earn lots of money simply for having mental disabilties. As we can see in the movie "joker" of the 2019: - everyone wanted to beat him up. - everyone laughed at him for...
  10. Moody

    the joker movie

    the joker movie is blowing up these days and everyone is talking about it and SJW's and mainstream media are affraid of the movie and saying that it is violant when it is just as violant and disturbing as other movies of the genre, also i am seeing that they are labeling the main character...
  11. InTheDark

    What do you guys think about the new Joker Movie?

    Just been hearing a lot of talk out incels and the new joker movie. Wanted to hear what everyone thinks about it.