1. Lanklet

    Best Jobs for an Incel (wage slaves gtfih)

    I’m having difficulty determining where my first job should be. I am feeling rather repelled from pursuing something deemed a “wage slave” job where I’d only make minimum wage slaving away, but I feel as though I am left with no other options. I want to get some money so I can better attempt to...
  2. Tupolev

    How many of you are considering surgerymaxxing?

    Personally i'm not considering it. I have a hump in my nose that makes me uglier than i would need to be. However i can't currently afford to get a nose-job. Even if i could, i'm 32 years old now, and i think it's truly OVER for me, nose-job or no nose-job. It wouldn't change anything. Even if...
  3. Veritas

    Job poll.

    Im making this poll to see how many of you guys have jobs and of which kind. the results might give us some random insight and what not. This poll will be anonymous.