1. Augustan Isidor

    "Just respect wahmen, treat them as your equals, dis y u inkler"

    https://www.tiktok.com/@yourpuppygirljenna/video/6837248291000929541?refer=embed I couldn't even finish the video myself, I feel 2nd hand embarrassment. The absolute state of white women. Btw, this isn't the only video like this. On World Star Hip Hop (Jogger youtube), there are videos just...
  2. AccountError

    The absolute state of .co

    knajjd is a closetted fаggot who has been exposed as to having a quota for banning users Master has had contact with federal branches The site forces you to not use a VPN because they want to know where you live when you register It is required that you share your story because they want info...
  3. Hidden

    [Clown world] Toilet stabs her boyfriend “because of the isolation” and court lets her off because she was "stressed"

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-who-stabbed-boyfriend-hand-21960893 JFL @ at this gay ass clown world. This is the gynocracy in action. I hope the bitch get Corna-chan and chokes on her own fluid.
  4. Ibrahim

    I checked the incel section on tiktok

    I checked the incel section on tiktok and it is really cringe inducing, I saw a video about a girl who was talking about how some guys say that feminism started because of ugly women and she said that all incels are ugly, JFL.
  5. Oogabooga

    Jfl, Even if we ascended, she'd either fake or be thinking really hard about Gigachad

    In response to a comment on another thread. Heh, the game is honked.
  6. Ibrahim

    I remember when I had a crush in high school

    When I was in 11th and 12 grade, I had a crush on a girl and there was a guy that was telling me that the girl had a crush on me and he will try to give me “proofs” to show that she’s had a crush on me. After having a huge crush on her on the 11th grade and I entered the 12th grade with her, I...
  7. Hidden

    Sex havers BTFO

    I think STDs are one of our true friends.
  8. Hidden

    It seems Jordan Peterson's daughter has become a drug addicted and abandoned her husband.

    Jordan Peterson's daughter has become even more messed up shows that almost everything is wrong with the society and its not the parents fault, to be fair to her Jordan Peterson is also ironically a drug addict. Kek, I wouldn't be shocked if a sex tape of her shows up. The only thing that...