1. Uncommon

    Modern terms and their meanings

    Modern terms and their meanings: Feminism: a misandrist movement, who uses violence to spread their message and that claims to want "equality between women and men", but it actually only wants privileges for the femoids. Mangina: a "man" who hates himself and other men. He gives femoids...
  2. Oogabooga

    (Serious) Is Nіgger Pοrn becoming more common?

    It wasn’t like this when I just started as a 13 year old, but nowadays, it’s like every time I go onto porn sites, there’s negresses plastered onto the screen, and that’s not even counting bbc tyrones. I mean, some are hot, but it feels like schlomo von shekelberg is up to something again...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    The new Marxist agent on Jootube.

    This Vaush character, is an ashkenazi joo paid by ( you know who ) to disrupt reality itself, and fake it with joo science. JFL he won´t ever talk about the Genocides commited by the jewish Bolshevists. ( The original commies ) He comes out as a very filthy marxist, in the hunt to shut down...