1. lonecel

    JBW with Brown Eyes

    Hello Guys, Sorry for the bad English im from Germany. I just wanted to ask if Latinos, Blacks and Asian only looking for the eyecolor (Blue) or the Ethnicity because there are also some White dudes with green and brown eyes. Thanks for your Answers!
  2. NuclearRedfield

    suіcіde fuel for non white men and JBW deniers

    The link is to a users profile on Xhamster a porno site. It is a combination of pure evidence of JBW. Cope or rope boyos. It's over. https://it.xhamster.com/users/whitecockworship
  3. Karamelli

    Is The Recent Trend of Anti-White Racism Lowering the Desirability of White Men?

    I think not, because biology will win out in the end, and there is a biological basis for assuming that whites are the most attractive race. If you look at what people say about white men, vs what they do and who they're attracted to, it's pretty clear.
  4. Karamelli

    Were White Beauty Standards Adopted by Non-white Countries or Did They Develop Naturally?

    Most non-white countries have white beauty standards, but how much of this is biological vs cultural? The more widely accepted view is that it's cultural, that whites have been in positions of power and have become desirable, but I really doubt that. The strongest evidence against this to me...