its over

  1. B

    Why even keep fighting?

    We will always be outnumbered in any scenario, Just go outside or look in the comments of a feminist post on Instagram. Women will always their degeneracy up and support themselves along with their army of simps/cucks. Everyday I am bullied. I was bullied since young. Even when quarantine was...
  2. Hidden

    [It's over] Only 9 members online

    I haven't seen this place to be so quiet like this since 3 months ago.
  3. Oogabooga

    I just browsed the soycial media of a random chadpreet

    And I got mogged so fucking hard in so many ways. I literally feel like a cuck right now, so emasculated, so utterly. Have you guys ever seen someone that you thought could basically be you, but better? This guy is bigger, taller, chadder, and even has many of my own interests/hobbies (which he...
  4. Hidden

    [Brutal] Dog Pill thread

    It's over if you are not a dog or a giga chad.......
  5. NuclearRedfield

    Top 15 Incel traits

    1. You look older than your age. 2. Eating fast food weekly or sometimes daily. Mostly at McDonalds or Domino's via Uber eats. 3. You began balding under 16. 4. You always get treated like shit by your family members and when they explode on you, you are blamed for their emotional outburst. 5...
  6. JeffGoldblumFly

    Feminist dehumanize her own son because she hates man

    Truly disgusting ugly fucking whore hates man so much that she want her child to die by corona and she dont even call her child as son but as "male baby", I feel really bad for this kid, I see only two paths for him with a "mother" like this, 1. He will become miserable, a beta male, be...
  7. NuclearRedfield

    suіcіde fuel for non white men and JBW deniers

    The link is to a users profile on Xhamster a porno site. It is a combination of pure evidence of JBW. Cope or rope boyos. It's over.
  8. NuclearRedfield

    When did you finally accept that it's truly over for you?

    A few days ago. I was on and saw a threat about a guy that has a foid friend willing to rate anyone that leaves their photo on the thread. He sent the photo to her via text and showed a screenshot of what she said about each guy And their flaws. She was really honest. The first guy...
  9. Wincel

    This world is cucked as fuck.
  10. EdgarTheDog64

    This is what social distancing has done to your oneitis and looksmatch

    And pretty much most women out there.
  11. EdgarTheDog64


    There is only one reason you clicked this thread; you are a genetic failure and an abomination. You missed out on every activity and scenario your average teenager has, if you're a 5'6 manlet or under 18 year old while having a western diet then it's over, EGG YOLKS AND MILK WILL NOT SAVE YOU...
  12. Oogabooga

    Fuuark boyos, my parents wanna forced me to wagecuck

    How do I avoid this? I’m a full time student but they want my ass working a miserable job for more money since corona Chan is causing suortages of employees and such.
  13. Oogabooga

    Humor the Bluepill for a Second

    I know, I know, “it’s soy!”, but just pretend you took the blue pill and have the same views that Inceltears and most normies have. Scroll for TLDR. Women are rational levelheaded beings. They value personality. It’s pure coincidence that they rate most guys as unattractive. There is no reason...
  14. Che

    You're not DOING something wrong, you're BEING something wrong

    I am not responsible for inheriting an ugly face I am not responsible for inheriting neuroticism I am not responsible for inheriting a retarded voice I am not responsible for inheriting baldness and receding hairlines These were all given to me by genetics and random chance. They are...
  15. EdgarTheDog64

    Every day, I have to remind myself

    I will never have sex, or a job and I will die alone. And this year I learned you have to be white to enjoy life. Wishing in the near future roping will be decriminalized. Over.
  16. Hidden

    "Shy" Male Student Tries to Make Friends With a Woman and Gets 10 Years in Jail !

    Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there ?