its over for you

  1. AccountError

    The reason why old women tend to be nicer [PETCELS STAY OUT]

    in short: because they know you're not a viable sexual partner their eggs are long gone and thus don't need to care about sexual selection it's why young women are extremely aggressive when it comes to who can hang around them THIS is also why pets are nice to you, because you're not a sexual...
  2. NuclearRedfield

    The youngest of Gen Z are getting much taller compared to their seniors

    A 14 year old Gen Z kid has noticed how he is mogging the hell out of the seniors of his generation. It's going to be brutal for the older manlets of Gen Z. If you're not over 6 foot. It's over. Even a good face won't be enough when 6 to 6 foot 2 becomes the average height. Here is the comment I...