#it's over

  1. R

    It's hard to be a man in this country

    Men here don't have rights to fight against domestic abuse. The "authorities" will simply laugh at you for being weak and spineless. The Supreme Court leans towards women, it doesn't help that a lot of zoomers are huge white knights, based fromwhat I've seen. And if this won't suprise me even...
  2. R

    I am a miserable sack of shit, please understand.

    "Wake up in the morning, browse incels.net. At lunch, browse incels.net. And in the evening, browse incels.net. That's my dream life."
  3. R

    You will never go home to see this

  4. R

    No point in living without incels.net

    This is the best site on the internet as an incel, more freedom if you have sub-looks, or just straight subhuman. Less trolling, no confrontations, no typical "just get a life" bullshit, great staff, good members, but it sucks I hate all humans equally, including you.
  5. Oogabooga

    I'd trade my life for the following

    >be born >alternate reality family is same level of wealth as current >be Gigachad >0-3 >doted on and spoiled for having a pretty face >the baby everyone loves >4-12 >pretty, but with low IQ >doesn't matter because people, teachers and the world always bail me out >never even hear of vidya...
  6. Oogabooga

    [Vent] I wanna cry because I can't do drugs

    Basically the title. I'm a brokecel, and my mother basically keeps a tight watch on any spending I do, plus I'm currently unemployed. My copes are good, but some days the stark blackpill reality slaps me in the face when I realize how much the odds are stacked against me, and how doomed I likely...
  7. NoHopeNoFear

    To Saint Mentalcel

    Like many if not all users on this site I have never had a positive social interaction outside of my home, my extended family think I'm a freak but luckily my immediate family likes me to a degree. I have been kicked, punched, beaten, jumped in alleyways, spat on, people rubbed and sprayed all...