1. TournelHenry

    Sluts assault Uber driver after they refuse to follow mask rules in his car

    Woman involved in San Francisco Uber assault arrested | KRON4 So, some slut from IG refuses to wear a mask during an Uber ride. When the driver asks her to exit his vehicle, she coughs on him, grabs his phone and rips his mask off. Looking at her further, it turns out she's an IG model. She...
  2. Letmego

    Simps, simps on Instagram, simps everywhere

    I don't want to see this anymore how do we stop this
  3. Letmego

    Simps on Instagram

    Yes i think this is originally from Facebook lol
  4. B

    Instagram model roastie receives death threats from anonymous ntroll ZOMG! TEH HORRROH! someone on the internet said a few mean words to Stacey. Better call the white knight internets police.