1. Arthur

    Women are dominating, and here's why...

    I've been part of the manosphere as it's often called, for several years. I started out with the red pill, posting on MGTOW forums, reading MRA material, before discovering the black pill. Although lately it's been frustrating for me, because i recognize that women are winning the battle of the...
  2. Sadsack

    "FIXING THE PROBLEM" We need to ban dating apps,abortion,and fix divorce

    1.ban dating apps: because women are only going to choose chads. 2.Women will abort there child just because she still wants to fool around. and yes that really fucked up. 3.fixing the court system will drastically fix marriage because if she is not getting...
  3. Lordgoro

    There is literally NOTHING wrong with us, its the modern world thats fucked!

    As an incel for 49 years, with high intelligence, quirky but good sense of humor, and personable nature, Ive determined that theres NOTHING wrong with incels mentally, its the NORMIE world thats totally fucked up! Yes, some of us may be a bit shy, but we are unique, original, and usually have...
  4. Volcel_101

    Experience today

    Was sitting at lunch today with my normie friends. In general, I'm quite liked by my normie friends. However , today I decided to bring up inceldom to one of my best friends - called Dillon. However, as soon as I showed him the incel forum, his entire demeanour changed, and he scoffed at me"...
  5. Che

    Cucktears are sexist against women by their own definition

    They constantly say " be confident, woman love a confident guy" or "be more interesting, get a hobby". So by their own words woman act like a hive mind that chase after similar traits in men. By their own words men shouldn't be shy or have social anxiety because absolutely no women like that...
  6. junejo

    Im a girl AMA ~

    Bonjourno all of you lovely incels, I, am a GIRL. oooooo. Run for the hills! jkjkjk This is an AMA, if you're curious enough or willing to listen, I'll answer any of your incel questions from the perspective of a female.
  7. B

    The light upon the incels

    It is true that it isn't easy for ugly men, mad men and men with not good characters to find a spouse, but there is hope for those that desire. Here is how. In the secular world it is hard, but if you convert to judaism behold you will find that there are more single women than men and they are...
  8. C

    My story

    Hello I'm a 18 year old man. Who has been rejected many times once I was rejected by a girl and she vomited on me. Then one time people accused me of being me of being a stalking and screenshoting photos of a girl even though I did not do it. The last time I tried I was rejected in front of a...
  9. E

    i’m a female. ask me anything.

    i’m a female looking to get insight on the incel world view by seeing what questions you have for me (not sure if that makes sense) i’ll try my best to answer each question to the best of my knowledge and will do my best to not come off as rude (i can do that sometimes, sorry if that happens...
  10. I

    Making a documentary trying to better understand the incel community

    We are a group of students currently researching a documentary with the aim of understanding and making the public more aware of incels, separating them from the flashy headlines. We would really like to talk to anyone who is interested in contributing. Any contributors could remain completely...
  11. SmashYourEnemys

    I noticed incels are extremely different from how the media describes it

    I never found any posts here condoning violence against women and chads. I never found any posts praising Ellіot Rodger. I never see any racism here and incels are racially diverse. Where do people get this idea that this website is about killing women or being racist?
  12. A

    Psychology or Physiology

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the english-speaking community, but have spend some time discussing incels problems on russian-speaking boards. And so i have a dilemma if incels thinks all their problems are based on their psychology or physiology defects. And after i'd got some answers i'll tell my...
  13. bbhyun

    Genuine Question For Hetero Men

    Okay, so why are incels so caught up in sl*t shaming women? Why isn't that same energy kept with men, more specifically "chads"? As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, apparently women are wh*res and have a sexual advantage simply due to their given anatomy; but how is it the women's fault...
  14. lordoftheincels

    Strong empath solutions.

    Yes what is needed is a society of strong empaths... Yes in a democracy, freedom of speech is allowed, people are allowed to coexist, even if they have unsavory views. It is important to stand strong against the haters, smearers etc. It is important not to immediately ban those with unsavory...
  15. N

    Take my survey? (Sorry if this isnt allowed)

    Hi, I think I might be an incel (trying to figure out if my thoughts are real or the product of an anti-incel society), so for my schools summer project we have to make, administer, and analyze a survey (Heres the survey: ). I decided to do mine on incels...
  16. A

    RØT - Metal Band With Incels Based Lyrics

    So I came across this song from the band Røt and I was wondering what you guys think about it. Røt is a very violent and aggressive metal band from Italy and basically all their lyrics talk about Incels, mainly in their most negative and extreme sides. I also heard another song where they put...