1. PolishJames

    You have nothing to offer, loser.

    If you're an incel. You have nothing to offer. Bluepilled guys will tell You that men peaks around 30's - this is one of the biggest lies ever. Men peaks around the same time as females do. Around 22. That's their highest peak - after that you will only see the decrease in fuсking everything...
  2. NuclearRedfield

    Top 15 Incel traits

    1. You look older than your age. 2. Eating fast food weekly or sometimes daily. Mostly at McDonalds or Domino's via Uber eats. 3. You began balding under 16. 4. You always get treated like ѕhit by your family members and when they explode on you, you are blamed for their emotional outburst. 5...
  3. I

    How did you guys discover inceldom?

    I myself came here after seeing a post on reddit and then deep-dived into the, I was sceptic at first because of how the media portrays incels but soon realized it was just blown out of porportions cuz the media loves to have something to hate.
  4. Ricecel01

    We have an infiltrator from IT

  5. Oogabooga

    Based Curryletcel mocks clown world in gay Tiktok meme

    JBW, just be tall, dark triad and teehee all in one post, this guys probably cucked irl but he at least brought awareness to clown world’s absurdity.
  6. Oogabooga

    I miss r/Braincels

    I know it was on cucked Plebbit, but it was my first foray into understanding the terrible truth. And it did it so well too. It wasn’t just a heavy dumping of facts and brutal pills all at once. They had countless kek fuel threads and memes, and the way they pointed out the honked nature of the...
  7. Carpenter

    Any good cope advise?

    I'm running out of copes to do and i'm feeling like ѕhit today. I already read all new posts here, went to the gym, jacked off twice, listened to some metal and played on my ps4. I have 4 hours till i have to go to sleep and nothing to do. Do you have any unusual copes? Anything that will take...
  8. AdamKadmon

    Chronicle is the most incel movie in recent memory. It follows a framecel named andrew. Hes socially awkward and doesnt have any friends

    Andrew and the 2 other guys get the power of telekinesis basically, allowing them to do things like fly or even take a nuke to the face. The movie shows them bonding at first, andrew becomes more and more social and even uses his powers in the school talent show to get popular but it all came...
  9. Oogabooga

    Cuckqueers Get absolutely triggered when we include ourselves in the LGBT

    I’m not sure why exactly it is, but based on my time in the older days when Braincels was around, and in the panic after it got shut down and new subs were popping up, the average plebbitor starts screeching autistically whenever we say we’re LGBT. I remember there was a sub called r/lgbtcels...
  10. Che

    You're not DOING something wrong, you're BEING something wrong

    I am not responsible for inheriting an ugly face I am not responsible for inheriting neuroticism I am not responsible for inheriting a retаrded voice I am not responsible for inheriting baldness and receding hairlines These were all given to me by genetics and random chance. They are...
  11. Saint Escortcel

    Back sleeping rough out if choice

    Really wish i had a woman to spoon with
  12. wispyola

    why do sl*ts come here?

    sl*ts fаggots and trannys come on our servers expecting attention. what is the point the fаggots and trannys have a month of attention and sl*ts get endless amounts of attention from undesrible males and chads
  13. Sketchy

    Thoughts On "Robots"

    I just want to know about the general relationship you guys have with robots. I am a confused robot who doesn't really feel like a robot anymore. I know for the most part that robots don't really like incels but I don't know how incels feel about robots. I don't know if I'm incel or robot or...
  14. jared^^subway^^

    What made you say Fuck that ѕhit im out?

    What was the last straw that made you hate/dislike woman?And give up on dating