1. supercell

    male privilege debunked (IT will never touch this)

    if males have privilege why are over 70% of suіcіdes men? if males have privilege why are 92% of workplace fatalities men? if males have privilege why is there a male loneliness epidemic? if...
  2. W

    Another interesting video I found

  3. K

    I miss the old days

    Sometimes i find my self drown full of hatred for woman and soyciety , im mean real hate the kind of a mad man , i dont want that .. i dont want to fall that path , to be evil and cold hearted , to be sad ...i dont want to hate woman....but they hate me for what i am .. Im sometimes...
  4. K

    What makes incels ( mentalcells )

    I think people who are incels , are very diffrent in the neurological level , well most of them not all . I think an incel is seeing the world diffrently than other humans see it , i think it has to do with the head , IQwise those people are overanalizing everything they see ...they...
  5. F

    Why rate people?

    I just think it’s depressing rating people by numbers and names. And ultimately yourself. Do you feel like you have to, and can you stop if you wanted to?
  6. T

    All women want is Good Dick

    Everything else is a bonus (looks ,money) cherry on top. Why do hobos get pusѕy? Point Proven...stay woke
  7. I

    How did you guys discover inceldom?

    I myself came here after seeing a post on reddit and then deep-dived into the, I was sceptic at first because of how the media portrays incels but soon realized it was just blown out of porportions cuz the media loves to have something to hate.
  8. LeviathanChris

    I have a new idea + a rant

    Hi, I'm new here and I go by Leviathan. I was thinking that it's the femoids fault that I'm an incel, just think about it, I haven't seen any gay incels. That means that it's the whoreish femoids that reject nice guys like me. I'm tired of getting blocked and rejected by snobbish femoids who...
  9. FloppyEarsTheBu


    Y'all are the laughing stock on Facebook and other social media's. It's not women who are the problem. YOU ARE. You're not as nice to women as you think you are. You guys need to grow up and accept how the world is now. Feminism is important and it's not going anywhere. If you guys wanna...
  10. S

    Can a female be an incel?

    Hi! I’m new to the idea of “incels” Upon reading some threads (or forums) I came to the realisation that I am An involuntary celibate I am a female Early 20’s I prefer a mental connection with a male (We both get off to the same things) So my question is... because I find it hard to open...
  11. notyami

    I have a date later!!!

    I'm so nervous I can already feel my heart racing at the thought of it but I'm going for some food with this woman but honestly I don't know what to talk about or do. I barely do anything with my life as it is. I'll report back in about 5 hours and let you all know how it went, hopefully I'll...
  12. WelcomeToMyDNA

    Made two dating accounts as an experiment

    - One of the accounts I used a good looking man -- a "chadlite". - The other account I used myself I messaged different women on both accounts telling them I was an incel. On the good looking guys account, the women said things like "that's attractive" and "it's a turn on when a guy is a...
  13. D

    Writing a script about an incel

    Hi guys hope all is well. So one of my skills is that I’m a screenwriter and recently I decided to start a horror project about an incel. Best way to describe it is that his own anxiety’s have manifested into a dark work around him like Silent Hill. The tone is similar to the film Pi and Dark...
  14. Sadsack

    "FIXING THE PROBLEM" We need to ban dating apps,abortion,and fix divorce

    1.ban dating apps: because women are only going to choose chads. 2.Women will abort there child just because she still wants to fool around. and yes that really fucked up. 3.fixing the court system will drastically fix marriage because if she is not getting...
  15. bazzimine

    Whats stopping all FOIDS from becoming SNOWBUNNIES..?

    And before you start with some ignorant BS , we all know AWALT so it's only a matter of time till they TURN... It's up to you WHITE men to practice self preservation (coz the FOIDS won't)...and accept that raсe is important to you. GOOGLE Snowbunny before replying...
  16. Lordgoro

    Question. Is this guy a SOYBOY, future incel, or low tier normie? Read full story then comment
  17. DarkMTS_57

    (Anime) Was Uchiha Obito from Naruto an Incel ?

    I´been getting this thought lately, and i just want to know what you guys think... He was rejected in a way, btw Rin was just another Sakura but "nicer". ( A.k.a Virtue Signalling Hole )
  18. Lordgoro

    Crazy question for my brothers. Is it possible that I CREATED this timeline somehow?

    Gonna tell you guys a short story, which will sound completely insane to normal humans. Im looking for opinions if its actually possible, or if im LOST in personal delusions.. Ive always known there was something "different" about me, completely setting me apart from normies(as many of you...
  19. notyami

    I went drinking on Saturday (dumb idea)

    So the other day my dumb normie housemate knocked onto my bedroom door and asked if I wanted to go drinking with him and some of his mates. I initially declined, it's not really my thing. He persisted however and said some foids will be joining us and a couple of them are single. He also gave me...
  20. C

    She plays with me and now im getting offended

    Hey, On new year i wanted to say the girl i love that i love her. She laughed about me and offended me. She told everyone in school and now some people are laughing at me.. I would like to be a girl cus as a girl life is easier. MUCH MUCH easier. Like other incels told in other threads.. Do u...