1. Che

    [Blackpill] Proof that having a promiscuous past does effect future relationships

    This website: Before "I Do" - What Do Premarital Experiences Have to Do with Marital Quality Among Today's Young Adults? has studies related to how your past can have an effect on marital quality, how not cohabiting with anyone else but your spouse increases quality of relationship, how having...
  2. FemoidsGTFO

    Real life Blackpill experience that just came to my mind

    (This is a repost of one of the threads I made on .co, I hope it's ok that I post it here) This memory randomly popped into my head while I was waiting at the bus stop so I thought I might as well share it with you guys. This took place in early 2017, I think in march. We were on a school...
  3. TheRiddler

    Incel test: Are you a truecel or a mentalcel? Truecels consist of a recessed chin + vertical growth cheekbone + vertical jawline structure. Incel test: Take a sideview shot, then compare to the negative structures. If you have all and your nose is big than you...
  4. R

    Incel lives matter

    I think I've heard this guy somewhere.
  5. R

    No point in living without

    This is the best site on the internet as an incel, more freedom if you have sub-looks, or just straight subhuman. Less trolling, no confrontations, no typical "just get a life" bullshit, great staff, good members, but it sucks I hate all humans equally, including you.
  6. Slap

    Can You Easily Identify Incels In A Crowd Whenever You're Outside?

    I always scan the crowds to see who would qualify as an incel and a Chad. It's a bad habit of mines. I know ppl get better looking in every generation, but I see more incels than Chads. I usually see large numbers of Chads in malls and places downtown. I hate Ottawa. Too much young Chads in this...
  7. Augustan Isidor

    "Just respect wahmen, treat them as your equals, dis y u inkler" I couldn't even finish the video myself, I feel 2nd hand embarrassment. The absolute state of white women. Btw, this isn't the only video like this. On World Star Hip Hop (Jogger youtube), there are videos just...
  8. Lanklet

    Thoughts on White People Using the N-Word

    As a white Nіgga, do you guys feel that I am allotted the authority, or much less the PRIVILEGE to say this word despite its controversial roots and strict modern usage. Is it merely a word that anyone can freely voice, or should its usage be present only among african american individuals?
  9. NuclearRedfield

    When did you finally accept that it's truly over for you?

    A few days ago. I was on and saw a threat about a guy that has a foid friend willing to rate anyone that leaves their photo on the thread. He sent the photo to her via text and showed a screenshot of what she said about each guy And their flaws. She was really honest. The first guy...
  10. Daydreamer

    The Redpill

    The best redpill explanation I've read on the internet so far.
  11. Lordgoro

    So I mentioned the word "incel" on a youtube board, and some random guy messaged me..

    Here was his EXACT response, word for word.. Im Just copying and pasting here: Johnny D what exactly is an INCEL? I know it’s a single dude prone to video games...that’s how the term was explained to me by a very odd man. He has no friends, family, hobbies, interests...he does have some kind of...
  12. NuclearRedfield

    Weird fantasies are a sign of your mind breaking down due to inceldom?

    I am starting to believe that weird Pοrn fetishes and fantasies are a sign of your mind basically breaking down. A normal healthy male that has access to a lot of women or that got married at a young age to one woman. Wouldnt develop such fantasies. Like for instance. The cuckold kink that is...
  13. N

    Tips for losing your virginity❤️

    •respect women •ask for consent That’s it. That’s all it takes. It has nothing to do with your attractiveness. Y’all are just sexist. Women don’t want to sleep with sexist assholes. (I’m gonna get banned for this, aren’t I? )
  14. coolcrati

    Is there any hope for me?

    I am 6'1 and white. I was kicked out of my public highschool because of a female altercation, i can get into that if anyone is interested. Any tips?
  15. Letmego

    YouTuber makes Chad and Incel live together in sims 4

    Don't know how to react anymore
  16. E

    Sponsoring girls

    I made this account just to ask if spending money on girls is considered as an incel thing? Like, i dont want anything from her, it just pains me when she can’t get the things she wants