1. I

    [BLACKPILL] Chads and Stacies live a life of privilege

    It's even legislated in the UK: Notice the blame for spreading the virus is all on the incels, particularly the ricecels.
  2. TournelHenry

    Surprising story of an incel who was arrested for "harassing" his therpist

    Episode on Spotify: Link to other platform for podcast: (The Episode is Episode 31) On the podcast "Incel" by Naama Kate, an incel...
  3. C

    Milfs In Your Area

    Anyone Here Fed Up Feeling Sorry For Himself? Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?? If you feel addressed, Shoot Me A Message G hahaha let's have a little chat! The thread title is just a joke btw haaha :)
  4. PolishJames

    Second wave of SARS-2-CoV-19 will be far worse

    This ѕhit will be far worse than what we saw in spring of 2020. Rn the charts are peaking, we have more than 40 mln cases of this and we're slowly approaching the swine flu level from 2011. World won't be the same after that ѕhit ever again. WHO said that pandemic will continue until 2022 or...
  5. PolishJames

    Truecel trait - Even your parents see You as betabuxx

    [This post is only adressed to incels that are currently employed and making more than minimal wage, aka. devcels or ITcels] Your parents see you as ATM, always asking for money "Honey we love you, can you borrow us some money?" If even your parents asking you for money and they went full...
  6. unfixable

    I would do almost anything for a woman (no kidding)

    If an omnipotent being offered me a loyal virgin girl that was in love with me, I would do ANYTHING to have that person in my life, I would move heaven and earth, I would go to war 100 times, I would suffer as much as I had to suffer, I would fight and kill any kind of beast and eat its raw...
  7. zzevaz

    Forum Members

    Why is this forum so dead? Is there a particular incident that led members to leave? Or was it never that big?
  8. Required

    Blowing of some steam

    Don't you hate it when people think they are better then you just because of what they look like (clothes, appearance in general or looks) I sometimes visit this supermarket and there is a girl working there, i think that she thinks she is hot but i think she is fuсking ugly (blond, superskinny...
  9. I

    First Person Approacher is being made a pariah in his town in Kent, UK for DARING to speak to femoids

    In the latest twist of events for our hero, 1PA is heckled and threatened with a knife while going to get groceries in his town. Since posting the videos of himself approaching women and saying hi to improve his social skills, there has been a mob of vigilantes on the hunt for 1PA’s head. Only...
  10. Lordgoro

    I have a radical theory, and proposal. I think it bears consideration....Concerning Chads and Normies.

    I had an Epiphany.. A REVELATION, if you will... Imagine a game of Monopoly. You have a few regular players, with average luck with the dice.. They know the basics, and they can play with an average rate of success, theyll still all lose, but theyll stay in there for the long haul...
  11. I

    Incel Approacher is HERE! In the spirit of Surveillance Camera Man and First Person Approacher, watch foids getting absolutely bamboozled by a camera!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> For many months Awkward Creepy Approacher (ACA) has been watching people like Surveillance Camera Man, First Person Approacher and...
  12. Che

    Writing Stop hatіng women and you'll get a girlfriend

    "your problem is that you think 50% of the world's population is evil, actually if you changed your hateful attitude you might get a woman in your life"... Well where I start from, do these Normies ever use there brains? Nobody where born hatіng women, we started to hаte women after discovering...
  13. Che

    [Blackpill] Proof that having a promiscuous past does effect future relationships

    This website: Before "I Do" - What Do Premarital Experiences Have to Do with Marital Quality Among Today's Young Adults? has studies related to how your past can have an effect on marital quality, how not cohabiting with anyone else but your spouse increases quality of relationship, how having...
  14. FemoidsGTFO

    Real life Blackpill experience that just came to my mind

    (This is a repost of one of the threads I made on .co, I hope it's ok that I post it here) This memory randomly popped into my head while I was waiting at the bus stop so I thought I might as well share it with you guys. This took place in early 2017, I think in march. We were on a school...
  15. TheRiddler

    Incel test: Are you a truecel or a mentalcel? Truecels consist of a recessed chin + vertical growth cheekbone + vertical jawline structure. Incel test: Take a sideview shot, then compare to the negative structures. If you have all and your nose is big than you...
  16. R

    Incel lives matter

    I think I've heard this guy somewhere.
  17. R

    No point in living without

    This is the best site on the internet as an incel, more freedom if you have sub-looks, or just straight subhuman. Less trolling, no confrontations, no typical "just get a life" bullshit, great staff, good members, but it sucks I hate all humans equally, including you.
  18. Slap

    Can You Easily Identify Incels In A Crowd Whenever You're Outside?

    I always scan the crowds to see who would qualify as an incel and a Chad. It's a bad habit of mines. I know ppl get better looking in every generation, but I see more incels than Chads. I usually see large numbers of Chads in malls and places downtown. I hate Ottawa. Too much young Chads in this...
  19. Augustan Isidor

    "Just respect wahmen, treat them as your equals, dis y u inkler" I couldn't even finish the video myself, I feel 2nd hand embarrassment. The absolute state of white women. Btw, this isn't the only video like this. On World Star Hip Hop (Jogger youtube), there are videos just...