1. Che

    The #1 trait that all losers have in common

    it´s the act of trying. Trying to be good at something. Trying to get a girl. Trying to get that promotion. The truth is the people that are at the top of their field never had to try anything. They were always the top dogs and always flew above the competition with zero effort. Every...
  2. K

    How we can all end our misery, finally be happy and feel accepted (I'm serious)

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that were all going through the same problem, that we ether can't find a woman to love us, or we feel rejected or that we have no friends. We all know what pain and loneliness feels like, to feel like a failure and there's many more people who feel exactly like how we...
  3. Che

    [Blackpill] The moment you have to try, you already lost

    Getting girls comes naturally to all slayers, they don't even think about it, it's like breathing. its called looks, a lot of incels imply that a slayer need to be "alpha" or have a specific personality to get foids. they dont, they just let their looks do the talking. Sometimes I get the...
  4. Che

    for Suicidecels

    you want to die? Throw yourself into the sea and you will find that you're fighting to stay alive, you do not want to kill yourself, you just want to kill the pain inside of you. -ST @Che
  5. Che

    Message to "Volcels"

    so you want to tell me that there is some guys who rejected average girls and you still want me to call them incels? I think most people misunderstood what inceldom actually is. Inceldom is purely about your looks, so if you're average or above average looking you're not an incel, let alone...
  6. PolishJames

    Why humans are machines - biggest BLACKPILL

    We are just Animals, machines. There's no "free will". If you're ugly Untermench (below 5/10) or If you have major mental issues like Schizofrenia or Autism. Don't expect to be threated well on school. Normal, healthy people will reject and banish you. Research shows that humans starting their...
  7. PolishJames

    What's the biggest cope in your opinion

  8. PolishJames


    So I get back on Tinder, and I saw something very fucking brutal. Most of average looking, or even below average looking girls are living their fucking lives hella more easier than men. I've talked with that mid-tier Becky. She's 19 and she has been diagnosed with CP so she's something very...
  9. Volcel_101

    Hit on by two cougars today

    Was hit on today by two 40 year old sex-hungry Cougars who run a small, independent cafe inside a library. All the customers were either old or disabled people and then me, the 19 year old. I go there because food is really cheap, and healthy and I use the library downstairs to study. As soon...
  10. incelguyyyh

    Trazadone sleep anti depressant helps you sleep better at night

    Started to see the changes in my mood during the day, when i wake up i feel better. I will try to combine this with a sleep apnea machine
  11. K

    Becoming blackpilled...

    Dont know if this is the place for this but whatever.. In the last like 18 Months I have observed something that everytime I think about it makes my stomach crunch... So lets start off by saying I'm a 6ft1 or 183 cm tall and have good hygiene and always tried to have generally good grooming...