1. Oogabooga

    Who is this wh*re?

    This skank is seemingly the only long time foid user left. She needs to be dealt with (in Minecraft) @Angie
  2. Oogabooga

    (Venting) God I hate roasties, especially roastie teachers

    https://www.rt.com/news/448208-men-more-disadvantaged-than-women/ https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037/0022-3514.87.4.494 https://psyarxiv.com/yq24b/ https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12147-008-9065-5 The links above just drive my point further. Almost all male teachers I've...
  3. Adam Manuel

    Why everyone hates me?

    I don't really care about this, but, everyone hates me, my "friends", everyone who met me in real life basically rejects me so fuсking bad with no reason, i'm not a bad person, i never had a girlfriend and when i try to talk with a girl, they reject me!, also, i was that weird kid at school that...
  4. Oogabooga


    I fuсking abhor this word. Foids throw it around even when no harm is done outside of the imaginary "teehee" struggles they conjure up in their minds. And it has so much influence, that a foid can just slap it onto anyone or anything and give it a bad rap. Foids don't care about any of the ѕhit...
  5. Oogabooga

    This ѕhit makes me sick

    The fact that this has consistently happened throughout history makes me ill. Seeing how opportunistic foids are, and how much they’ve floated by just for having a vagina between their legs.
  6. Oogabooga

    Brutal hijabi hoe pill

    This is likely to happen to many incels who "ascend". I always hated looking at this one because it made me uncomfortable, but awkwardness aside, I now understand why. The hoe just did it to virtue signal, or the guy was beta buxxing or some other such ѕhit. She had not an ounce of arousal on...
  7. Oogabooga

    All our problems can be traced back to foids

    From the start, theyve been harming men for their selfishness
  8. Oogabooga

    Anyone else hate their mother?

    You could extend it to your father as well, but I particularly hate my mother. She’s literally a copypasted tradcon foid from the East. An annoying, irritating fat c*nt with negative room temperature IQ who basically has full control over my life since she has a fuсking vagina that she ѕhit me...
  9. Oogabooga

    Jfl, Even if we ascended, she'd either fake or be thinking really hard about Gigachad

    In response to a comment on another thread. Heh, the game is honked.
  10. Oogabooga

    A theory on why foids come here

    Well, actually I have several. But it really bothers me to see that there’s as many bitches on here as there are. The “teehee research“ is at best a meme, and at worst they're actually wasting their time studying something retаrded for a meme career. But I was thinking and came up with the...