1. TournelHenry

    Another dumb hypocrisy twitter thread

    Ladies are publicly posting videos of Sexually suggestive themselves naked with a filter placed over it and then getting pissed that men are editing the filter out and viewing them for pleasure. Why the fuck did you publicly post the thing in the first place? LOL
  2. JeffGoldblumFly

    Remember when the leftist freaks wanted to say incels are a domestic terrorist group?

    Well now black community want to arm themselves and shoot the police in a race war, but that alright, it's for the greater good right? Lets kill lots of people because a convicted robber resisted prison and the cop let the situation get out of his control The true danger are those incels...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    I HATE how society pretends to be civilized, where in truth...

    Everything you see, either on TV, or magazines, or just day to day "small" public interactions are nothing but a facade. They all act, because they are forced to behave in the societal moral code, but remember those times back in high school ? Oh yes, they show their true colors. Obnoxious...
  4. Fsociety

    Hypocrisy in society

    If any of you have an account on apps like Tinder, Badoo, Skout, etc. and being an incel (thus not so handsome) you must have noticed by now that pretty girls only reply handsome guy's messages. But they write down all that same bullshit on their bio, like "I'm looking for friendship, I dont...
  5. Oogabooga

    Humor the Bluepill for a Second

    I know, I know, “it’s soy!”, but just pretend you took the blue pill and have the same views that Inceltears and most normies have. Scroll for TLDR. Women are rational levelheaded beings. They value personality. It’s pure coincidence that they rate most guys as unattractive. There is no reason...
  6. Hidden

    Normies and foids are hypocrites. Never forget this.

    If you're ugly or failed normie, people will dislike you no matter what. If you're unassertive, they'll hate for "being a pussy" and if you are a sub 6 confident guy they'll hate for "being an asshole". If you do something poorly they'll talk shit about you for being "incompetent" and again if...