1. Uncommon

    Modern terms and their meanings

    Modern terms and their meanings: Feminism: a misandrist movement, who uses violence to spread their message and that claims to want "equality between women and men", but it actually only wants privileges for the femoids. Mangina: a "man" who hates himself and other men. He gives femoids...
  2. T

    Has anyone noticed that guys who are successful with women and who understand female nature want the game to become harder for men

    Has anyone this. Men who are successful with women and have no problem getting them or even guys who are starting to come successful with women And understand the red pill and female nature want the Dating market To become even more hard and challenging for men. They say things like hypergamy...
  3. Augustan Isidor

    The "natural" argument used to justify foids hypergamy

    If you guys were in the incelsphere for a good amount of time now, you'd eventually come across the argument made by Normtards that it's only natural that foids date up. Usually justified as finding a High Value Man to ensure healthy offspring. This arguement is usually made by some smart ass...
  4. Uncommon

    The double standards in the disgusting society

    The society makes harder for men to get sex. Only chads can get sex by simply asking for it. Most men need to have dates with femoids, buy them things, etc. to get some sex. Femoids in the other way, have it very easy: they can be fat or anorexic and still a lot of men will want to have sex...
  5. Moody

    Men slaves

    Hello, this day i saw one of my friends beaten up HARD and when i ask him why, he sead that he tried to approach a foid he liked but that foid didnt do, SHE actually was disgusted from him and felt ashamed i SAW HER face and instead of telling him that she didnt like him, she actually told 3 of...
  6. Oscura

    You guys stop being poor.

    In a study published Wednesday, research shows that women demand an income level higher than 58% of eligible bachelors. Broke men are hurting American women's marriage prospects. That's right, guys. It has nothing to do with women being unreasonable, or the economy being such utter shit that...