1. Wristlet_2

    [ERfuel] The worst day in Ellіot Rodger's life. Brutal.

    Brutal tbh. Some normies use this as an example of how Ellіot was entitled etc, but honestly: Notice how, in the ledge, some chads got in there, and then some girls followed and hit on them. Without them doing anything. This was probably commonplace in Isla Vista, Ellіot was used to seeing...
  2. JeffGoldblumFly

    Whenever a foid perceived a truecel trying to improve himself, she will try to humiliate him until he stop it

    This is something I'm seeing happening to me and I think more incels may be passing to the same situation, I'm trying really hard to improve myself, I'm going to the gym for more than 1 year now, Im visible stronger and a way better situation than I was 1 year ago, I'm also using minoxidil and...
  3. AdamKadmon

    Chronicle is the most incel movie in recent memory. It follows a framecel named andrew. Hes socially awkward and doesnt have any friends

    Andrew and the 2 other guys get the power of telekinesis basically, allowing them to do things like fly or even take a nuke to the face. The movie shows them bonding at first, andrew becomes more and more social and even uses his powers in the school talent show to get popular but it all came...