1. pussyslayer 649

    Incel dating server

    I went to the incel dating server and there were a few things that were happening there, very few guys and girls were talking to each(an incel dating server, lol) the server is deleted and majority of he people from the server have entered a new server called femcel paradise, that place is full...
  2. AdamKadmon

    The underlying theme in society, the thing that strings everything togeather, is hypocrisy.

    Vice is tolerable if it wears the guise of virtue. Hatred is tolerable when under the guise of justice. Why do you think inceltears is allowes to exist? Its following the modus operandi of this world. Incels aren't hated because we hаte women, that came later, we're hated because we're genuine...
  3. Oogabooga

    Jfl, Even if we ascended, she'd either fake or be thinking really hard about Gigachad

    In response to a comment on another thread. Heh, the game is honked.
  4. Oogabooga

    I Previously was slightly soyed on the topic of when foids start being Wh0res

    Until last night, when a random memory popped into my head. It was from middle school, and I think I was in a music class. But basically, a foid was giggling and talking to a chad lite and ”teehee I’m not a sl*t”-ing her way into convincing the guy that she wasn’t being fingered and spraying...
  5. Saint Chincel

    nasty femoids

    Foids will let chad do every degrading act imaginable on them spit on them, slap them in the face, piss on them, let chad stick there head down the toilet for Christ sake but would rather die than kiss someone like me Honk
  6. reg509

    Women can get away with anything.

    It's basically impossible these days for a female, or anything that calls itself a female, to be properly labeled with a mental disorder. Take for instance this video below, pure honkpill absurdity. What pisses me off so much about this is that I just know a man couldn't even dream of getting...