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  1. Oogabooga

    Jfl at “based” normie tubers

    Entire video is straw man, how deluded do you have to be to deny the black pill?
  2. Oogabooga

    You guys remember that Chad whose breakdown I posted a while ago? He’s gone mad

    He’s either “truly enlightened” (gee, I wonder how many other normshits do that when they take drugs) or he’s positively insane. Just listen to this nigga talk, kek.
  3. Oogabooga

    Kek at the degenerate retard jogger

    Am I supposed to feel empathy for this retard? This 56 IQ jogger that mogged everyone and no doubt cucked fellow cels in his miserable existence. This animal that held up a foid in her own house (based tbh, but still a low iq jogger) with several other of his jogger kind? This tyrone ass faggot...
  4. pussyslayer 649

    Incel dating server

    I posted this thread before but I can’t seem to find it, that could be the reason I wasn’t getting any replies, anyways the uncle dating server is deleted, that place is full of jailbaits and some of the girls on Thebes server have a boyfriend(if they had a boyfriend what was the point of them...
  5. Oogabooga

    No matter how much your life sucks...

    https://coalfax.ru/the-cucks/josh-strobel/ At least you're not this guy.
  6. Oogabooga

    Well boyos, we had a nice run, but I think it’s time Corona Chan kills us all

    https://nationalfile.com/reddit-coronavirus-is-making-cuckoldry-more-difficult/ No comment necessary.
  7. Oogabooga

    Threw a Molotov cocktail at a fat, annoying feminist

    In Red Dead Redemption 2 of course. Saw the bitch burn and scream, I don’t know why the law set out after me and gave me an increased bounty though, I did the right thing.
  8. Oogabooga

    Dark Triad Pill from an acquaintance

    So I knew this guy in highschool, and I can't remember if it was his sister or cousin, but she looked like a archetypal teenage skank (blonde, fakeupped to the 9s, dresses like a skank), and she was dating this older guy. The guy was a little shorter than me, but he was basically a Chadlite if...
  9. Oogabooga

    Kekfuel, ITcels “resident camgirl” banned for pedο shit

    This slut has an account on .co and posts pedο shit as well, then she got banned. And they call US the degenerates, oh well, at least that skank got what she fucking deserved. Not to mention this just proves that IT is more fucked up than us, that bitch is allegedly a successful camgirl but...
  10. Oogabooga

    I pray this is false, Idubbbz used to be based, now he’s allegedly being a cuck?

    I really fucking hope that he comes out against it, otherwise it basically makes him the LITERAL definition of the average ITcel.
  11. Oogabooga

    Five of our finest warriors vs 5 queertears

    It was originally on .co, but I am unironically interested in how this would play out, because I’m “curious”. The retards were going on about sending their shortest, weakest toilets against us along with projecting in the comments, I mean there was a LOT of projection, I’ve never seen so much in...
  12. Oogabooga

    I'm 26, 5'3" with small wrists and a virgin, but at least I'm not inkal

    "It's all MY fault guys, my looks have nothing to do with whether or not queens are interested in me, and they CERTAINLY don't care about genetics. The blackpill is 'toxic' and evil, and I'm not like them. Did I mention I'm a virgin, and not like them? will you finally notice me kween, uwu?" I...
  13. Oogabooga

    The Word "Toilet" is taking off in other circles (and women's day is a meme)

    As you can see in the above post, our brethren have adopted it and its use is spreading. Heil Inceldom! ALso the toilet said something boring and gay about annual toilet day.
  14. Oogabooga

    Based Curryletcel mocks clown world in gay Tiktok meme

    JBW, just be tall, dark triad and teehee all in one post, this guys probably cucked irl but he at least brought awareness to clown world’s absurdity.
  15. Oogabooga

    I Previously was slightly soyed on the topic of when foids start being Wh0res

    Until last night, when a random memory popped into my head. It was from middle school, and I think I was in a music class. But basically, a foid was giggling and talking to a chad lite and ”teehee I’m not a slut”-ing her way into convincing the guy that she wasn’t being fingered and spraying...
  16. Oogabooga

    The supreme Gentleman and Biggie Smalls?

    Completely off topic question I know, but I remember seeing a video a while ago and he was just driving and bobbing his head to Biggie, and it was the funniest shit in the world. Does anyone know where I could find it?
  17. Oogabooga

    Just Spent a few minutes going through a chadfish archive

    Jfl jfl jfl, JFL!!!!!! Foids aren’t people. Humans have the ability to think critically and logically, to control their baser urges and make rational decisions. Foids are critically lacking in this, I don’t know HOW people manage to stay bluepilled after all the painstaking research we’ve done...
  18. Oogabooga

    We are the true Feminists

    We should have a thread where we post videos and articles of feminism in action so that the normies understand that we‘re actually on their side. A thread where we see KQWUEENZ enjoying the luxuries and equality that feminism has earned them, a thread where we celebrate women as our equals. I’ll...
  19. Oogabooga

    Humor the Bluepill for a Second

    I know, I know, “it’s soy!”, but just pretend you took the blue pill and have the same views that Inceltears and most normies have. Scroll for TLDR. Women are rational levelheaded beings. They value personality. It’s pure coincidence that they rate most guys as unattractive. There is no reason...