high school

  1. S

    My secondary education and redpoll experience

    My experience withing the vicinity of secondary education was kinda dull, yet kinda eccentrically enlightening. In high school, I pretty much had a weird set of friends, from two dudes whom still knew how to play Yugi oh cards and magic cards, another friend who lives in a trailer home in the...
  2. Morpheus

    Is it over from the start?

    When I was in middle school, any girl I'd ask out would reject me. I gave flowers and chocolate and even made a love song for one girl (corny i know). I was just an ugly kid I guess but as I got older, I managed to get a few dates here and there but never looked good enough to beat out the...

    Is anyone here completely friendless rn

    I used to have plenty of friends in my early elementary school days,but once i came into 4th grade my two friends(both females) abandoned me because i was “annoying” and left me alone.I didn't have friends for the rest of the grade and ended up shy and awkward and would just play on the...
  4. L

    High School Life

    People who are currently in HS, how much do you hear about people not being virgins ? For me, I hate myself all the time for letting the feeling of loneliness get to me and failing to fix the issues that I had throughout my whole life. I always here about chads talking about their body count...