1. JeffGoldblumFly

    Pls I need Help, no joking, I need advice

    I need some advice, I am already starting to become crazy. In the last three years I started to work really hard in myself, started go to the gym, got a very nice paying job and I got enough money to buy me a car and get my driver license. Everything was going well and fine, and no, I wasnt...
  2. C

    Milfs In Your Area

    Anyone Here Fed Up Feeling Sorry For Himself? Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?? If you feel addressed, Shoot Me A Message G hahaha let's have a little chat! The thread title is just a joke btw haaha :)
  3. smg

    I fucking hate myself

    First of all.... FUCK. Now that's out. Run down on me: I try smile warmly at people in town but nope they all look away and I try asking people out, nope not happening. Guys say i'm not ugly, so maybe my personality is just incredibly shit. Nobody pays attention to me and all i want is some...
  4. Tupolev

    "Help" comes from self discipline and mental toughness.

    If you're waiting for a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist to fix you, I've got some bad news for you. You're going to be waiting until they drop your casket. I have schizoaffective disorder, O.C.D, social anxiety, and depression. I've received every kind of "treatment plan" there...
  5. BlueballedGamer

    Advice Pls

    Hey ya'll. I'm a sophomore high school student and I was wondering if there is anything I should work towards at this age or avoid. I'm really interested in finding a future relationship with a female, but I also don't know if my brain can take a relationship. Any advice you'd just like to throw...
  6. H


    Hi! I am a university student and doing a project on a group that is not well understood. I am not here to criticize you in any way or fight with anyone. I just want to know about you guys. Everything that I have read has seemed incredibly biased. I'm sorry if this is a bad way to reach out...
  7. P

    new here, i need help

    i dont know how to work this website at all. i dont know how to reply either. sometimes it says i dont have the privilege to reply and i have no idea what that means. are there levels to this website? how do i increase my level? and why can i only post on the off-topic forum thing? whats a...
  8. RedPillDion

    [MUST READ] I Used To Be An INCEL Like The Rest Of You

    Listen up INCELs, I used to be like you sitting at home wondering why women don't love me, however I have discovered the formula to women. Believe it or not, I was born with below average to average genes (I am only 5'5 1/2) and I continue to get girls to this day, I would say I began to feel...
  9. The-Real-Femoid

    Another dumb bitch wanting to talk to an incel

    I keep trying to type something but then I end up rambling, but it'd be cool if one of you wanted to start a conversation with me. I'm just interested because it's offensive to my gender but I also have historically not been the biggest fan of females either. And with being bi- I have pursued...
  10. S

    I want to help

    I have been in this dark place you have. It's scary and it hurts feeling rejected, unwanted, and less than those around you. I just want to share a few things I have learned. 1. You really need to find what makes you happy first. For me its DND, certain video games, and trying new things...
  11. Castizo

    Need Help! I beta buxxed

    I'm gonna die alone so I figured I might of as well, experience sex at least once. I contacted a sex worker through some website, we texted back and forth until she gave me her address. I make my way to the address she gave me in some run down apartment south bronx. I get in the apartment, wait...
  12. Khunntwagen

    Understanding Oneself

    I have noticed a lot of bitterness and misunderstanding coming from and about these incel communities, and I think it stems from a severe lack of understanding about oneself, and dishonesty (lying) about the self. I think that philosophy will help many on here and will provide lifelong toolset...
  13. Itsyagirlamy

    Advice from a girl!

    Hi! I go by Amy and I’m here to offer any help. I know a lot of you are going through a difficult time or have had a difficult life, I just wanna help clarify some things about women and help you guys move forward!
  14. Inboots

    A question to all incels!

    Hello! I’m a guy from Europe. I’m skinny, short in height and my skin color is white. I live a happy life with my girlfriend (we’ve been together for over 3 years now). I’m not a virgin and I have high functioning autism too. To the point, quite recently I commented on a random Facebook post and...
  15. N

    Posting this in bluepill just to be safe

    I have to make and analyze a survey for school, so I decided as an almost-incel (incel in the making?), I should do mine on other incels. I made a goofgle survey and it would be super cool if some people could take it. Its kind of long, but you can skip questions if you want, thanks...
  16. Yikes

    Don’t Get Stuck

    Before I start off: I have no reason or interest in lying to any of you. I don’t think I’m even going to bother to check back after I post. I’m just genuinely concerned for a lot of you. I am: A bisexual female, so I have successfully experienced myself both being and dating women (so I’m sure...