help needed

  1. Ibrahim

    How do I forget about a crush

    There is a girl that I keep thinking of and I want to get her out of my head, guys please can you tell me a healthy way that I can to completely for left about her for a very long time?
  2. G

    Actually just a girl trying to help a guy she likes

    Hi!! I recently had problems with a "friend" of mine and I don't know what to do but he seems really unhappy and I don't want him to feel that way. Lemme try to explain the situation (keep in mind that I am not a part of this community and have 0 experience in it + I am brazilian so I'll change...
  3. D

    My problem right now with girls and how i should act

    Hello im 19 yo, 5'11 tall ,built alright not too skinny or musceler, i have a problem with a girl that id like to know what you think, so i met this girl"K" about a month ago throught mutual friends at a bar. At the beginning i got intrested in her we talked and id make her laugh at the bar...
  4. Bunny

    How am I supposed to act as female to be approved of?

    I found a lot of things not to do, and the things I should do seem confusing. Or maybe I'm just dumb and illiterate. You generally say we should give shy/''ugly'' men a chance in dating, maybe even hook up with them. But wouldnt that make you a sl*t, which you dont approve of either? I...