help needed

  1. T

    Need advice.

    As you may have noticed, I've been inactive for a while. Last week I met a girl outside of college who seemed really nice and wanted to talk with me to the point we exchanged numbers whilst I admitted I liked her especially her south African accent. That night we talked for an hour and a half...
  2. C

    Milfs In Your Area

    Anyone Here Fed Up Feeling Sorry For Himself? Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?? If you feel addressed, Shoot Me A Message G hahaha let's have a little chat! The thread title is just a joke btw haaha :)
  3. VodkaKlebold

    Budding Black Pill

    So I'm relatively new to the whole incel "scene". However, I'm not new to hatred and pain. I've never been on one of these sites. I'm looking for some hardcore blackpill mentors though to truly teach me everything I can't find on the normie web.
  4. pussyslayer 649

    How do I forget about a crush

    There is a girl that I keep thinking of and I want to get her out of my head, guys please can you tell me a healthy way that I can to completely for left about her for a very long time?
  5. G

    Actually just a girl trying to help a guy she likes

    Hi!! I recently had problems with a "friend" of mine and I don't know what to do but he seems really unhappy and I don't want him to feel that way. Lemme try to explain the situation (keep in mind that I am not a part of this community and have 0 experience in it + I am brazilian so I'll change...
  6. D

    My problem right now with girls and how i should act

    Hello im 19 yo, 5'11 tall ,built alright not too skinny or musceler, i have a problem with a girl that id like to know what you think, so i met this girl"K" about a month ago throught mutual friends at a bar. At the beginning i got intrested in her we talked and id make her laugh at the bar...
  7. Bunny

    How am I supposed to act as female to be approved of?

    I found a lot of things not to do, and the things I should do seem confusing. Or maybe I'm just dumb and illiterate. You generally say we should give shy/''ugly'' men a chance in dating, maybe even hook up with them. But wouldnt that make you a slut, which you dont approve of either? I...