1. Uncommon

    The tallest member?

    I still remember how when i was a kid, i expected to be very tall as adult...but that never happened, that was a problem because when a fucking bully wanted to attack me, i was in dissadvantge when defending myself(the bullys were usually taller and heavier than me), and i still had to defend...
  2. NuclearRedfield

    The youngest of Gen Z are getting much taller compared to their seniors

    A 14 year old Gen Z kid has noticed how he is mogging the hell out of the seniors of his generation. It's going to be brutal for the older manlets of Gen Z. If you're not over 6 foot. It's over. Even a good face won't be enough when 6 to 6 foot 2 becomes the average height. Here is the comment I...
  3. NuclearRedfield

    6'2" will be considered short in the coming years.

    Look at the photo i uploaded bellow. 6'2" next to 6'8" looks short as [email protected] 6'2" will be manlet, especially In Netherlands in the coming years.
  4. Uncommon

    Short man problems vs tall femoid problems...the society is feminazi

    i was watching this video: So, according to tall height femoids, they problems are: 1. They have to wear big shoes, big clothes, etc. 2. They complain that cannot get chads. So...as a short height man, i have noticed that a short man problems are by way harder, so lets compare them, these...
  5. J

    height vs face

    Do others not understand that as long as your taller than me (5'2) you have a chance ?? you can be ugly as heck and 6ft and be able to get laid but when yur short your not even seen as a serious option when your short. It blows my mind when people 5'8 or 5'6 say their short id die to be that...