1. No dick nick

    Genetics of Chad vs. Incel

    Are Chads healthy genetically? Some genetic issues effectively ban people from the breeding pool like down syndrome. Genetic issues come in all shapes and sizes and some can't be detected just by appearance alone like sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, hemochromatosis...
  2. Uncommon

    fast food

    Do you eat fast food a lot? or some days yes and others dont? or do you avoid it at all? it is said that food is the WORST for the hearth and causes obesity, and in later years of life it can be very bad for the heart and the entire body in general...even its said that the salads from fast food...
  3. unfixable

    Is anyone here physically healthy?

    Do you eat healthy food? do you work out? do you abstain from drugs and ѕhit? and if so, for how long have you been like this?
  4. Uncommon

    Pοrn is garbage

    I have noticed this only some days ago, but Pοrn is garbage. Watching Pοrn makes you a loser, because if you watch Pοrn, you watch how a imbecile has sex with a wh*re while you only watch them...its like the wh*re and the imbecile are saying "do you want this?, well, nothing for you because...
  5. incelguyyyh

    been doing research on how to fight off the corona viruses

    so basically i found out is to help boost your red and white blood cell count by taking certain vitamins and certain foods. your red and white blood cells fight off viruses and help your immune system.
  6. Tupolev

    Testosterone levels dropping in American men...

    A new study published this month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that testosterone is in crisis, at least when it comes to American Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Men’s testosterone is supposed to decline naturally with age, but this study, which was presented last October to the Sexual...