1. smg

    Good looking but don't get laid (advice please)

    -- this is not a brag post, only to add relevant details -- Ever since puberty hit me like a truck, there's been a never ending stream off girls paying attention to me and friends teasing me for being a heartbreaker. To put into perspective I can count the amount of girls I've dated/kissed on...
  2. Letmego

    Gymaxx ? I will

    Yesterday i joined a gym for the first time since i was 16. Do u guys have any tips? I mostly want definition on my stomach, doesn't have to be abs. But i don't want wide waist. Today i mainly lifted some light weights and ran. Saw one Stacy and some chad-lite teens about my age or a year...
  3. G

    I used to be an incel - Until i found the gym.

    I think its possible to work your way out of being an incel. Yeah so I used to be an incel up until 2 years ago. All throughout school i got roasted for being fat/ugly etc. Girls i liked would openly say I was "nice, but really ugly" when they knew i could hear them. Id hear my crush say shit...
  4. T

    Experiment Time

    I have decided to put the redpill idea to the test. Although I believe in it, I have been getting more and more doubts about being able to get a foid through "self improvement" or whatever bullshit the media tells us will work. So, I am going to do a 30-40 day test and hit the gym 3-4 times a...
  5. W

    Can someone explain my situation... 3 therapists couldn't

    Hello my name is Patrick. I am 21, reasonable looking face with a far better than average body, a chad body I guess you could say. I am at a good university, I am very athletic and compete as an amateur mixed martial artist, hoping to go professional by 24.From this you could say, what's wrong...