1. Blackpillcel

    Follow Cheap Vodka

    They are awesome and have a song about us: plus you'll get muff @cheap_vodka_band_
  2. Wristlet_2

    [ERfuel] The worst day in Ellіot Rodger's life. Brutal.

    Brutal tbh. Some normies use this as an example of how Ellіot was entitled etc, but honestly: Notice how, in the ledge, some chads got in there, and then some girls followed and hit on them. Without them doing anything. This was probably commonplace in Isla Vista, Ellіot was used to seeing...
  3. Lordgoro

    For escortcels, the dating "market" would be impossible now....

    Think about it... For a guy like me, that's used escorts for ALL my sexual encounters throughout my life.. Even If I someone became sexually "appealing" to girls(I only like young, so no roasties please, JUST YOUNG slim girls) tomorrow, Id NEVER "date"... Its ALL BULLSHIT!!! The GUY pays for...
  4. LordEsther

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder and other physical insecurities (I can't stop obsessing about my maxilla and skull size)

    Hi, first post. It's difficult to find places to talk about this, and I absolutely can fucking NOT confront friends/therapists about it. I have extreme anxiety about nearly every inch of my body (my face especially). I spend hours thinking about it, and it terrifies me considering I know how...
  5. Fsociety

    Hypocrisy in society

    If any of you have an account on apps like Tinder, Badoo, Skout, etc. and being an incel (thus not so handsome) you must have noticed by now that pretty girls only reply handsome guy's messages. But they write down all that same bullshit on their bio, like "I'm looking for friendship, I dont...
  6. RedPillDion

    [MUST READ] I Used To Be An INCEL Like The Rest Of You

    Listen up INCELs, I used to be like you sitting at home wondering why women don't love me, however I have discovered the formula to women. Believe it or not, I was born with below average to average genes (I am only 5'5 1/2) and I continue to get girls to this day, I would say I began to feel...
  7. C

    She plays with me and now im getting offended

    Hey, On new year i wanted to say the girl i love that i love her. She laughed about me and offended me. She told everyone in school and now some people are laughing at me.. I would like to be a girl cus as a girl life is easier. MUCH MUCH easier. Like other incels told in other threads.. Do u...
  8. ylime_emily7

    am i weird for being more attarcted to nerds than chads

    I dont really understand. if all women are supposed to be attracted to Chad's then why are me and a lot of other women not
  9. C

    This is the end

    I'm tired, physically and mentally. For so long I thought I was not an incel, I thought someday I would meet a nice woman and be happy. All those stupids thoughts are vanished now. I never dated a girl and i will turn 22. Christmas is here and all my family will come and bring their girlfriends...
  10. M

    What are some things you would like to know about women?

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl. I did not come here to shit on incels, just to figure out how they think. What are some things you don't understand or like about women. It's all anonymous here so ask away. (16, straight)
  11. D

    My problem right now with girls and how i should act

    Hello im 19 yo, 5'11 tall ,built alright not too skinny or musceler, i have a problem with a girl that id like to know what you think, so i met this girl"K" about a month ago throught mutual friends at a bar. At the beginning i got intrested in her we talked and id make her laugh at the bar...
  12. evilweezil


    I don’t really know what I’m doing here. Hey, I’m a female. I’m not a incel yet I am a virgin who’s never done anything. I possibly could but I just don’t want to until I find the right person. I’m only here to learn more about the community and understand your views in society and of the such...
  13. Synchasy

    Treating girls based on looks

    Hello there, don’t mind me. I simply wanna know how the male mind works. I guess this is a great way to reach people (in this case men) who actually take this serious. I got two different scenarios for you. Please don’t make it complicated. :) Scenario A: A good-looking girl you’re attracted...