1. Letmego


    U are
  2. I

    I Love Appreciating Women

    Love it
  3. Jorami

    Is it Homophobic?

    Right now I’m sharing a room with one of my best friends for summer vacation and it was going great. She recently became really close to me and we started sharing dark and personal secrets. We talked about all kinds of things, boys, religion, raсe, culture, sex.. Eventually, she said, "Im...
  4. bbhyun

    Genuine Question For Hetero Men

    Okay, so why are incels so caught up in sl*t shaming women? Why isn't that same energy kept with men, more specifically "chads"? As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, apparently women are wh*res and have a sexual advantage simply due to their given anatomy; but how is it the women's fault...