1. DarkMTS_57

    (Gaming) Upload Megathread: RTS Games

    Took me a while to upload the entire recorded session. I was in the mood for some RTS action, so i jumped to my old save that was sitting there after some time, and that´s exactly what i did. The AI on this one, was set to hard difficulty. Grab a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies! ^_^ Enjoy!
  2. DarkMTS_57

    (Modding) Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC - Cop Mod ( Improving the Pursuit Escalation )

    I´ve been having some doubts, and i decided to take on something i left back in 2016. It is an improvised mod involving the condition units. I remember back in 2013, i had a combination of mods that i left untouched, and somehow together they made the most hardcore experience. Although, at the...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    ( Gaming ) NFS Carbon - Behold The Mighty Corvette ( Top Speed Driven )

    Looks cool doesn´t it ? Made by yours truly. Just another custom tune of mine, and it fuсking ROCKS!!! My next thumbnail.
  4. kralislashav

    Lost all hope

    I cannot believe it has been this long and still no Mario 64 remaster other than the shitty DS one.