1. Lordgoro

    I have a radical theory, and proposal. I think it bears consideration....Concerning Chads and Normies.

    I had an Epiphany.. A REVELATION, if you will... Imagine a game of Monopoly. You have a few regular players, with average luck with the dice.. They know the basics, and they can play with an average rate of success, theyll still all lose, but theyll stay in there for the long haul...
  2. M

    (Repost) A fun game for Friday and Saturday nights

    If you live in a city centre or know of a high rise building in the city centre you can get access to I have a fun new game to play. being a man of simple pleasures the game simply involves shining a laser pointer in front of groups of drunk chads/staceys/foids as they’re walking and enjoying...
  3. Letmego

    Playing sims 4, didn't know it could be fun

    Feels like im hard coping in this game but it's fun. Feels kinda gay too but I'm confident in my heterosexuallity so i don't care. But now all my children are getting taken away and half of men are dead by fires so that's not good....
  4. EdgarTheDog64

    Let's play the Incel bingo

    This is what's mine, show yours. Template:
  5. M

    Incel-games discussion (+my idea for a potential game)

    I'm an app/game-dev hobbyist working mainly on mobile with the Unity engine. I've been thinking about ideas for potential incel-games. My idea: small-scale, lightweight, arcade-like, dating-RPG You start off by choosing a premade male character. The characters themselves would simply be proxies...
  6. CursedPimple

    Warhammer and table top games.

    Anyone here play Warhammer. I used to play fantasy with High elves and dabbled in 40k with dark eldar... I'm thinking of getting back into it because my only current hobby is shitposting here ... Any other tabletop game or modelling discussion is also welcomed.