1. Spice

    Dyke gets mad because the guy has a opinion about abortion.

    Basically this feminist hoe/dyke gets mad because the guy has a based opinion, i warn you though it is earape towards later parts, JFL lol. The guy: Babies are getting murdered The feminist lesbian hoe: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Why does this bitch sound like a dying pig? LMAO This is one of...
  2. Spice

    Stupid normie gets owned+ he also says yikes

    Damn these fucking normies who force their shitty LGBT agenda, Hyprocrites who force you to believe in their shitty LGBT how we should respect these retarded birth defects but its ok for them to make fun of lonely virgins fuck them.
  3. Spice

    A song about getting friendzoned

    Yes this is my fav classic because its literally about a guy wanting to date a girl then ends up being ''just a friend'', powerful blackpill right there especially this song was released in 1990 but i have no idea if inceldom existed around that time but that songs seems to predict something.
  4. Spice

    Eldery man kills his wife for not making dinner

    So i was stumbling around best gore and this is what i found lmao so random (i guess old news but still funny cause its just random to find this)