fuck foids

  1. KaiTherminate

    I almost got into fight with 4 douchebags and 2 girls.

    1 week ago - i was going home and there was 4 tall douchebags with 2 hot girls coming front of me and they all stared at me, and that made me so angry i showed them throat-slitting gesture and one of them wanted to punch me in the face but he didn’t - then i was really angry and i was laughing...
  2. Spice

    Do not trust foids

    Hello brothers im here to tell u that i was made fun of normies but this time in a very painful manner (very brutal) So i was made fun of a normie in a server he just kept chatting shit about me (basically he a owner of it) he just kept making fun of me for being autistic virgin etc then there...