1. Digital_Prince

    Does anyone want to be friends?

    I really have trouble making friends in the real world, and I was hoping the guys here could maybe talk to me about their special interests or maybe get me into a new video game or something? I'm pretty desperate for human interaction and I feel like I put people off just by existing, but I was...
  2. S

    I want to help

    I have been in this dark place you have. It's scary and it hurts feeling rejected, unwanted, and less than those around you. I just want to share a few things I have learned. 1. You really need to find what makes you happy first. For me its DND, certain video games, and trying new things...

    Is anyone here completely friendless rn

    I used to have plenty of friends in my early elementary school days,but once i came into 4th grade my two friends(both females) abandoned me because i was “annoying” and left me alone.I didn't have friends for the rest of the grade and ended up shy and awkward and would just play on the...