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    [Giga honk] A rаpe survivor and the man who rаped her teamed up to write a book and tell their story. Just imagine if he was ugly...

    Old but gold. Chads raping foids and getting away with it is one of the harsh black pills truth. In fact it isn't rаpe if it is done by chad. If he was an ugly male, he would be a dead man rn. Soy gang in prison would have brutally removed him. Guess it was his great personality and vibes let...
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    [Clown world] Toilet stabs her boyfriend “because of the isolation” and court lets her off because she was "stressed" JFL @ at this gay ass clown world. This is the gynocracy in action. I hope the bitch get Corna-chan and chokes on her own fluid.
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    . . . . ...
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    [JFL] Corona chan reveals that "lesbian" foids are just chad sexuals. Foid claimed to be a lesbian bangs her chad roomate.

    Lol @ the holes claming they are le "lesbians" or "homosexuals" boo hoo. They are all chad sexuals. Chad only hoes. Corona chan has been revealing true nature of these holes. It is proven that you see some people's true colors after ѕhit hits the fan. And corona chan proves this...
  5. T

    Incel tears just went private.

    IT justt went private I started to wonder why but I really don't care. I think we should do something similar instead of letting those foids just come over here. Also get rid of blue pill
  6. TheIncelosopher

    Speed Dating Blackpill

    Summary: Men are at least honest and self-aware about what they want to look in a woman. It's looks. Meanwhile, women on the other hand, when asked about what they want in a man, they claim to prefer Intelligence the most, but when asked what they think about what other women want, they claim...
  7. W

    Foid here! :)

    Hi there, I am not going to chastise or swear your view point is wrong because I am not here to argue, I honestly would like to simply understand the core values and beliefs of those who are Blackpilled/Redpilled. I wanted to post in Bluepilled but Foids aren't even allowed to post on your...
  8. Lordgoro

    Foids Admitting sex is too easy, them COMPLAINING the virus has made is slightly HARDER!!!

  9. Che

    [Blackpill] Why dating a foid who has had sex with many men is bad (read this cucks)

    1) Once a hoe, always a hoe 2) Statistically proven to be more likely to cheat, divorce, be more depressed, be less happy, be a single mother, have lower marriage quality, and have stds. 3) She will reminisce over the good old days when she was getting banged by the football team and be upset...
  10. Anakin66

    Whats your worst experience with a foid?

    mine is short but brutal. in the 8th grade we had an end of the year dance called the catillion.(basically middle school prom)this on puerto rican foid who was decently attractive found herself without a date to the dance with only 3 days till the dance.during social studies class she was...
  11. Oogabooga

    Anyone Else feel Less Attraction After being black pilled?

    Basically, I feel much less attracted to foids after the black pill. This isn’t to say I don't at all, because that would just be cope, but rather, flaws in foids ( and to a lesser extent, men) pop out to me more than ever. I think this is a combination of the black pill, as well as the fact...
  12. bazzimine

    why do white people tan?

    is it to feel dark and imitate athletic dark bodies?
  13. notyami

    I went drinking on Saturday (dumb idea)

    So the other day my dumb normie housemate knocked onto my bedroom door and asked if I wanted to go drinking with him and some of his mates. I initially declined, it's not really my thing. He persisted however and said some foids will be joining us and a couple of them are single. He also gave me...
  14. bazzimine

    Why is Teacher F*cking Students wrong...

    Clearly students that have experienced puberty. First of all IF it was consensual and people only found out from a snitch...why is that anyones business.....Either 1)The teacher is a Chad/Tyrone the Becky/Stacy was eyeing...(Chads/Tyrones have a whole childhood of reading cues from FOIDS and...
  15. notyami

    I think women are inherently bad

    Obviously there are some exceptions but as a general rule I think women are dangerous and not to be trusted.
  16. bazzimine

    Thoughts On

    We all know who runs it , Not black guys). Has it made you resent black men more than you already . And if So, Why ? White Male Pornstars have been a thing and are still a thing . Its not really Tyrones fault that his genetics are Superior to Chad physically.( Other areas not always) . So...
  17. Saint Chincel

    "hey guy im a girl just CURIOUS" dumb bitches

    Sick of these lying foids coming in here with that "JuSt CurIoUs TeEhEE" bullshit Dumb bitches
  18. B

    Why are “sl*ts” bad?

    I have just recently learned about the incel community, and I have pretty much learned as much as I could in the past few days about incels. I have a baseline knowledge of the blue/red/black pills and mentality surrounding some (not all) incels. I have noticed that, from what I have seen, it is...
  19. Saint Chincel

    do you think foids feel guilty?

    Do you think deep down inside they feel guilty about what they do as individuals and as a whole how they destroy men, children's minds and society in general do you think they think what they do is right and genuinely don't see any reason to stop Or do you think guilt secretly consumes them...
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    [JFL] The wh*re roastie training program for foids now starts at 10 in CA

    The clown world never fails to make me laugh.сe-where-10-year-old-girls-learn-how-to-put-on-condoms/сe-where-10-year-old-girls-learn-how-to-put-on-condoms/...